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How To Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

How To Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

While many women want longer eyelashes to improve their looks and make them feel more feminine and sexy they also know that those long lashes can help protect their eyes from Miralash dust and dirt particles.Unfortunately, not every women or man for that matter is blessed with long healthy eyelashes.

Causes of Short Eyelashes

There are several things that can cause short eyelashes. Your eyelashes just may be unhealthy and brittle and prone to breaking. You may also be using and removing make up improperly and pulling those delicate lashes out from your eyelids, or you simply may suffer from slow hair growth, which means before your lashes can reach their full growth they fall out and replaced by new lashes. Regardless of the cause there are some things you can do to help your eyelashes grow longer naturally.


How To Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally brown-and-white-feather-eyelashes-24255

Lubricants condition your eyelashes by adding moisture and keeping them from becoming brittle to the point where they break. Two lubricants that are often used to help eyelashes grow are olive oil and petroleum jelly. Putting these lubricants on your eyelashes at night before going to bed and then gently washing them off in the morning will help condition your lashes making them more pliant and less brittle.


Getting the right vitamins and minerals are also important in allowing your eyelashes to grow longer faster. Eyelashes like the hair on the rest of our bodies fall off in order for new hair to grow. If your lashes lack the necessary vitamins to grow fast chances are you are losing your lashes before they ever reach their full length. By taking vitamins that helps hair to grow healthier and faster you can see longer lashes. You can try applying vitamin E oil to lashes themselves as well as making sure you get enough B vitamins, biotin, iron, and zinc.


What we put in our bodies does affect what the outside of our bodies. By eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals we are helping those lashes to grow longer. The healthier you are overall the healthier your skin, hair, and yes, eyelashes are going to be.


Of course all these things take time so while you are making changes in your diet and waiting for those vitamin and mineral supplements to build up to the point where they begin helping your lashes to grow you can use an eyelash enhancement product. Many of these products condition your lashes much like lubricants, and contain vitamins and minerals that help stimulate eyelash growth. This means that are not only will your lashes grow longer but, healthier as well.

When choosing an eyelash enhancement product, take the time to read the reviews and choose one that not only encourages eyelash growth but, that is safe and gentle to your eyes and the surrounding skin. Idol lash is one of the most effective, gentlest, and safest eyelash enhancers on the market today. Actual users report that not only do they have longer more beautiful lashes when using Idol lash but, lashes actually feel softer and healthier as well.

Having natural long lashes is not impossible, nor does it take 6 months or a year to achieve. Using Idol lash can help you to grow long healthy lashes faster than you might have thought possible.

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